Needs & Volunteer Possibilities

Needs & Volunteer Possibilities

Needs & Volunteer Possibilities for Champions in Life


  • When: Sundays after the service, starting 26 June 2022 
  • Where: at ICF – in the Cafeteria – in person!


  • Get messages of ways to be praying throughtout the event and leading up to it.
  • Follow our prayer guide that starts mid-July. Your daily prayers are crucial!


  • Air pump for soccer balls
  • Preparing lunch bags


  • Snacks during the camp
  • Drop-off at ICF no later than on Sunday 30 July or on the day needed
  • Cakes & snacks for the Coffee Table for Coaches / Volunteers / Visitors
  • Drop-off on the day needed
  • Snacks, juice boxes etc. for Good-bye bags for children (5×100 ex.)
    • There will be about 20 people spending the day at the field, needing lunch. If you like cooking for large numbers, this would help us save costs.
    • Food needs to have no gelatin, pork or alcohol in it.


  • Volunteers for the camp Monday through Friday, 01 – 05 August• Volunteers for the morning camp (8:30hrs – 12:30hrs)• Volunteers for the afternoon camp (12:30hrs – 16:30hrs)
  • Photography during camp• Do you have a high-quality camera and are able to catch a day(s) full of memories?• Talk to Laura to get further information.
  • Gift-Packing-Evening• At ICF on Thursday 4 August at night (about 2 hours), time TBD
  • Tear-down of the soccer camp• On Friday (16:30 – 17:30)
  • Transporting equipment from ICF to the field & back• Sunday 31 July & Friday 05 August
  • Helping Laura with reorganizing the camp stuff for storage• At ICF on Saturday 6 August in the morning


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