Resources for Youth

Resources for Youth

Resources for Youth

First and foremost, I would like to encourage all of you to read your bible every day. There are some excellent bible reading plans out there and I highly recommend taking this opportunity to sitting down with God’s Word and reading for yourself. Here are four bible reading plans that I think are a great start.

One Year Bible Online

Bible Study Together


The Bible Project Reading Plan

I’ve been asked if there is a study the youth ministry wants everyone to do. I am hesitant to prescribe one study that all of you should/could do during this time. Below I provide several websites that your family can look through together and then choose a study that speaks to you. There are also plenty more websites that would be suitable for family bible studies. But, I do think this is a good start. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Website with bible studies including online studies:

RightNow all members of ICF have been given access to this fantastic resource site. This site has numerous bible studies for all ages! For parents, I would recommend Sean McDowell’s “So the next generation will know”.

Focus on the

The Bible Project


N.T. Wright studies Paul for everyone. I think you would have to order the books online. There are bible studies for all of Paul’s letters to the early church.

YouTube Channels worth checking out:

Living Waters

Living Waters Europe

One for Israel – testimonies

William Lane Craig

The Bible Project

Dr. Sean McDowell

Mike Winger

General encouragement and parenting sites:

The Gospel Coalition

Focus on the Family

Sticky Faith

CCEF Christian Counseling and Education Foundation

Paul Tripp