A call to Prayer: Daniela

Join us this evening for a time of prayer for our dear sister Danielle as she begins her next round of treatments at 19:00.

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Sunday Service Live

If the above video causes problems or sound delay, click this link to our YouTube channel for the best viewing experience.

Translation/ Übersetzung

If you wish to watch our service using the live stream link on our website, but would like to hear it in German please click this link. We will need your name and email address and we will email you the link each Sunday to allow you to dial into our audio conferencing bridge. One of our translation team will be on the call and translation directly into German. 

Question and Response

Every few weeks during the summer sermon series we will be hosting an hour-long Question and Response. This is a chance to ask the preachers/pastor/elders any questions you may have about the precvious sermons preached at ICF.

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ICF Praying Together – Online

Mondays at 21:00 – Prayer for the unreached world.
Wednesdays at 13:00
– Praying the Psalms for Gods mission, revival and the lost all around us.

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Last Friday of Every Month at 19:30 – A time of monthly intercession for ICF needs.

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