Bible Study

Bible Study

Basic Bible Study Techniques for Individuals

The main component of every discipleship group or small group is deep study of scripture. If you are not familiar with some basic bible-reading strategies, below you will find three helpful methods for reading ANY passage of scripture. It’s not as hard as you think! Try out one that fits for you! We also have provided a list of plans for individual bible-study for your own personal times with the Lord.

  • One-To-One Bible Reading
    • A step by step guide to reading ANY passage of scripture in the Bible according to its genre.  At the end of this downloadable guide is an 8-week study through the gospel of Mark. Good for 1-2-1; Small groups, Discipleship Groups or Family discussion.
  • The Swedish Method of Bibel-Study
    Downloadable guide
    • A simple way to lead a Small Group, Discipleship Group or Family discussion on ANY biblical passage through asking three simple questions.
  • The Discovery Bible Method
    Downloadable guide
    • A simple model for reading ANY biblical passage by empowering those you are leading in a study. Good for families, small groups, discipleship groups.

Bible Reading Plans

  • Navigators
    • Three reading plans. Choose from: Journalling, to book-by-book, or a five minute a day reading plan for beginners.
  • The Definitive Bible Reading Guide
    • Every plan you can think of in one-place, including plans from reading the entire bible to short-term, 30 day, commitments. An entire spectrum of plans, including getting an Overview of the Bible; The Bible in a Year; Short-Term Commitments; New Testament Reading Plans; Sources and Other Reading Plans