Discipleship groups

Men’s or women’s groups of 3-4 gathering regularly for deeper connections through prayer, bible-study and mutual encouragement.

  • Men’s or Women’s D-groups
    If you would like to connect to other men in these smaller discipleship groups we encourage you to begin by asking who are the men the Lord has placed in your life at this season, who you could walk with together? Our men’s leader or Pastor would then equip you to start and lead one of these groups. If, and only if, you cannot think of anyone to do this with, then we can help connect you to others who are looking for a group. We prefer this to be a Spirit-led initiative, where you are prayerfully considering who the Lord has placed around you and then take initiative to journey deeper together.
  • Men
    To start a group or get connected contact: Pastor Carsten
  • Women
    To start a group or get connected contact: Carol Griffin or Pastor Carsten.

Establish and Equip

Establishing and Equipping Establishing and EquippingOnce someone comes to the faith in Christ, the journey is not over, rather only begun! Below you will find some tested a tried resources on helping to establish and then equip others to become Disciple-makers so that they in turn can continue the mission of God. Discipleship Resources: Studying a book of the Bible:…