Discipleship for Youth

Discipleship for Youth


„What is happening? No school, no social contact, no activities, but lots of school work, lots of house work and chores. How can I survive the next few months?“ Maybe this is what is going through your head right now. Well, guess what, the same thing is going through your mom and dad’s heads too.

We are all in this together and as Christians we are called to persevere, hold on to what is good, and think about things which are lovely, right, pure, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy. In a time where our families are together literally 24 hours a day this can pose a real challenge.

ICF Youth ministry wants to equip you to stay focused, to remind one another of the Gospel and be built up daily through God’s living word. We are to approach one another with grace (unmerited love) and encourage each other through word and deed. Here are some resources and ways we want to encourage you:

ONE: the Youth team will continue with Sunday school for students 7th – 9th grade. We want to encourage families to watch the online service broadcast Sunday mornings and discuss it together afterwards. In addition, we will set up a Sunday school Teams meeting Sunday evenings from 5pm to 6pm. This will allow us to see each other and continue in the Gospel Project curriculum.

You can view and print out the curriculum, check out daily devotionals, and view the mid-week study here: SHAREPOINT

If you want to join the group, please click here and provide the email address that I can use to add you to the group.

TWO: we are working on setting up a mid-week bible study group for the youth. This will run in a similar fashion to the Sunday school group. At the moment we are looking at Wednesday evenings from 7pm – 8pm.

Please click here if you would like to join the mid-week study .