Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Welcome to the Youth page! 

If you are 12 to 19 years old, this page is for you!! (And your parents too if they like)

Here is our 2021 Fall schedule:

  • Sept 11 2021 – Kick-Off games and lots of food in Dreieich
  • Sept 18 2021 – ICF Youth group @ ICF from 17.00-19.00
  • Sept 22 2021 – Mid-week bible study via Zoom 19.00-20.15
  • Oct 2  2021 – ICF Youth group @ ICF from 17.00.-19.00
  • Oct 6 2021 – Mid-week bible study via Zoom 19.00-20.15
  • Oct 9 – 24 2021 – School fall break
  • Oct 27 2021 – Mid-week bible study via Zoom 19.00-20.15
  • Oct 29 2021 – Night hike with possible overnight at ICF
  • Nov 6 2021 – ICF Youth group @ ICF from 17.00.-19.00
  • Nov 10 2021 – Mid-week bible study via Zoom 19.00-20.15
  • Nov 20 2021 – ICF Youth group @ ICF from 17.00.-19.00
  • Nov 24 2021 – Mid-week bible study via Zoom 19.00-20.15
  • Dec 8 2021 – Mid-week bible study via Zoom 19.00-20.15
  • Dec 11 2021 – ICF Youth Christmas party 18.00-21.30
  • Dec 18 2021 – ICF Youth group @ ICF from 17.00.-19.00
  • Dec 22 2021 – Mid-week bible study via Zoom 19.00-20.15

For more information contact Amy with this contact form.

Our deepest desire for you in a nutshell

We want you to awaken to the love of God so you may boldly pursue the person of Jesus Christ in order that you may live for Him and inspire others by the power of the Holy Spirit to do the same. 

At ICF there are different pathways for you to engage and grow in Christ
  • Sunday school
    Youth in grades 7-9* learn about Jesus in fresh and relevant ways through “The Gospel Project” curriculum. This takes place every Sunday morning at church except on German holidays.
    *If you are a youth 12 years of age and attend 6th grade, you join the 5th/6th grade class on Sundays at ICF
  • Sunday Service
    Sunday Service: Youth in grade 10-13 are encouraged to remain in the service with the adults, listen to the sermon and discuss the sermon together with the youth team for ca. 15-20 minutes afterwards.
  • ICF Youth Bible Study
    For all youth 12-19 years old (not based on school grade), we meet every Wednesday via Zoom for an online Mid-week bible study. If you would like to join us, contact us.
  • For all youth 12-19 years of age
    Even in this time of the Corona virus we’re constantly working on having monthly youth events and parties and a camping/adventure trip at the end of the school year. More info will be distributed as the year progresses. Best way to stay informed is to sign-up for our newsletter. Please contact us if you wish to be included.

Here are some online resources for you to check out!

Now to the cool stuff

2021/2022 is crammed with events you don’t want to miss. Our events and zoom meetings are the perfect chance to get together with friends, get some headspace, and get closer to God.

2020/2021 has brought changes in our lives. The ICF Youth has been affected by the Corona Virus like everyone else in the world. So we moved our Youth Bible Study online. The McAuleys and Browns, aka McBrowns, host this group every Wednesday evening from 19.00h-20.30h from the convenience of your own home. To join contact [email protected] or [email protected]

You will dive into God’s Word with us and experience spiritual truths in a fresh way.  Through open and thoughtful discussions we want to answer the questions you may have regarding God, faith, and challenges you face living for Christ. And we are eager get to know each other better, pray with one another, share praises and prayer requests, worship in spirit and in truth and become closer friends as we meet regularly. 

So, come join us at our ICF Youth Mid-week Bible Study 

Again for information on events, please sign-up to our newsletter and contact us to be included. 

Who is the youth team?

We are a team of adults who are dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are ready to lead you into worship, small group discussions and of course lots of fun activities.  For some of you we are your parents. Yet related or not, we hope to be your friends and mentors and build lasting relationships with you as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are:

Danny and Amy Courtis, Carsten and Melanie Lotz, Lilli Parrott, Peter and Andrea Schmitz, Matthew and Naomi Brown, David and Mishal McAuley

Have your registered?

You would like to attend our Sunday School or Youth program and would like to be kept in the loop with upcoming events or pop-up socials, then sit down with a parent and fill in this registration form.

Is your mind exploding with questions, please write me:

Amy Courtis