Youth ice skating

Youth ice skating

Youth Ice skating

You do something once, it is a memorable experience. You do something again, it becomes tradition!
So don’t miss out on ICF Youth tradition:
Put on your knee pads, elbow pads, shin pads, helmet, tooth guard, padded underwear and let’s go ice skating!

We will meet at the entrance (not parking lot) to the Eissporthalle (ice skating rink)

Some important information

  • Bring ID. If you have a student card (Schülerausweis), that works. Otherwise bring another way to identify yourself.
  • Bring 4,50€ for ice-skating ticket.
    If you need to rent ice skates, please bring an additional 5€ with you and let us know on registration form.
  • Wear weather appropriate clothing. There is indoor and outdoor skating. Gloves, hat, scarf are generally a good idea if it is cold outside. There are lockers, if you need one.
  • Please bring a packed lunch and something to drink with you. 
  • Of course you can bring a snack or similar to share. 
  • Note to parents: Because of the size of the ice skating rink, our youth leaders will be unable to supervise each youth at all times. Your children will be trusted to conduct themselves in a safe manner and skate at their own risk. 
  • Note to Youth: Anyone who disturbs the peace of the group or causes trouble in the ice arena will be asked to leave the ice and wait to be picked up by their parents.

Please sign-up by Thursday 3 November 3rd @ 21:00

If you haven’t registered for the youth yet, what’s stopping you?!

Newcomers Lunch
Ladies Tea